Poi Dog Blog: Tracey, Kate, Jan & Carl

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Poi Dog Blog: Tracey, Kate, Jan & Carl

Posted by: Kim Steutermann Rogers
Jul 08, 2011

poi dog named luluAsk someone in Hawaii, “What kind of dog is that?” and they’re likely to say, “Oh, I don’t know. A poi dog.”

Poi dog. Also known as “mixed breed.” Or, better yet, mutt. (I like how “mutt” doubles the “t” at the end of the word, a hint at the definition—a dog with an ancestry of more than one breed.)

This column—Poi Dog Blog—as I’ve decided to call it, is simply a mash-up of articles I like from the Internet, all about Hawaii and written by a variety of authors. I hope you enjoy.

Here they are:

Tracey Friley writes about her first encounter with purple sweet potatoes at Oasis on the Beach on Kauai. Tracey balances a nice mix of the personal and place in her writing. I like that. She also encourages young girls, 11 – 16, to get out and see the world. I like that even more. She’ll be bringing a group to Kauai in 2012. I hope to convince her to guest blog for us soon.

Kate Gale explores the various types of vacationers in the world while enjoying a relaxing vacation on Big Island—where she can think. Kate’s writing is engaging on a thoughtful level.

Have you ever seen fishermen scouring the rocky coastlines of Hawaii, wearing tabi socks and wielding what looks like a putty knife? Jan TenBruggencate writes about the science of opihi, “salty, crunchy condiment served raw, and delicious grilled with a little butter and garlic.”

Carl Safina was in Honolulu last week? He was on the beach at Hanalei this weekend? Really? So, was I—in Honolulu last week and on the beach at Hanalei this weekend. And I missed him? How? But I didn’t miss his blog posts about his excursions in Hawaii, that’s for sure. Carl attended the Kava Bowl Ocean Summit Conference, asking, “What is the ocean worth to you?”


P.S. That's Lulu, my poi dog. We freed her from the pound on 1-11-11. She's the best. Well, right behind her older sister and fellow poi dog, Nickel.


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