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  • Lawai International Center: A Life’s Purpose—and Some Shrines—Revealed.

    lawai international center, kauai, shrineLynn Muramoto was a tenured elementary school teacher when an afternoon in a valley on Kauai’s west side changed her life. Hawaii can do that to you. Many visit the Hawaiian Islands and dream of moving here. I did. But Lynn is second generation Japanese American. Kauai was already her home. Read More
  • A Few Ways of Looking at a Blackbird*

    newell's shearwater by keith swindleNewell’s Shearwaters (NESH) are another story altogether. Known to Hawaiians as 'a'o, the seabird measures approximately one foot in length with a wingspan reaching nearly three times that. As seabirds go, kinda small. It has a sharply hooked black bill, good for snagging fish and squid several hundred miles off-shore, and claws that are equally sharp and hooked for burrowing out nest sites and climbing atop trees to launch into flight. Read More
  • Kilauea Point National Wildlife Refuge: For the Birds

    Long shot of Kilauea Lighthouse from Crater Hill on KauaiThe walk to the historic lighthouse at Kilauea Point National Wildlife Refuge takes me about three minutes from the parking lot. As I top a slight hill, a panoramic view of the blue Pacific Ocean and a coastline of serpentine cliffs opens before me, just as if someone drew back a pair of heavy theater curtains. Read More
  • Chuck Blay: On Rocks

    Geologist Chuck Blay talks rocks on Kauai's Poipu BeachChuck Blay knows rocks. With a Ph.D. in geology from Indiana University, he can talk “rock” with any geoscientist around. On a cliff on Kauai’s north shore, Blay talked about “plate tectonics” and how the entire archipelago of Hawaiian Islands formed.

    Read More
  • Hiking the Hills--and Mountains and Giants--of Hawaii

    Hikers on Sleeping Giant trail, KauaiThat's the thing about hiking in Hawaii. There's hiking along coastlines. There's hiking in urban settings. And, of course, there are hiking trails on mountain ridges, along cliffsides, and through canyons and valleys. As well, there is hiking with giants and kings and demi-gods. There's even a hike through the highest-elevation swamp in the world. Talk about variety. Read More
  • Pixel Postcard: Laysan Albatross

    adult laysan albatross in profileThis week in Hawaii, we’re enjoying cooling winds out of the north. By cool, I mean the low for tonight where I live is expected to be 64 degrees. That means I might be able to convince my husband to turn the ceiling fan down from high to medium. I know temperatures around the U.S. Mainland are frightfully cold, as in freezing, right now, and I’m sorry for those people who are truly cold. Read More
  • Gone to Kalalau: Practicing the Art of Doing Nothing.

    view of kalalau cathedrals and waterfallsKauai is known as The Garden Island. It's quiet. It's casual. It's rural with lots of green spaces between small, one-time plantation towns. And it makes Kalalau seem like Grand Central Station. If Kauai's surf town of Hanalei is too laid-back for you, you won't like Kalalau. Not one bit. Read More
  • My Earth Day Celebration

    Laysan albatross adult flying into sceneHawaii is nature and nature is Hawaii. You've got your turquoise blue ocean with beaches of black, green and red sand. You've got your green mountains striated with hiking trails. Your rivers and streams ripe for kayaking explorations. Waterfalls. Botanical gardens. Nature preserves, wildlife refuges and national parks. With so many choices in which to spend Earth Day, how was it that on Monday, April 22, I found myself sitting in an air conditioned office building with fluorescent lights making my eyes burn? Read More
  • Keepers of the Light, Land and Life: A Look at Kilauea Point over 100 Years

    cover of keepers of the light, land and life, written by kim steutermann rogersAs a volunteer at Kīlauea Point National Wildlife Refuge on the north shore of Kauai for many years, my interest and body of knowledge tended toward the wildlife—that is, the science of biology and living things, like monitoring Laysan albatrosses, banding red-tailed tropicbirds and studying visiting humpback whales. I noticed and appreciated the big, white tower in the middle of Kīlauea Point with its priceless “crown jewel” sitting on top, but I left the intricate details of the second-order Fresnel lens and its mysterious inner workings to people more interested in engineering and that kind of science. Then, I was asked to write a book in celebration of the 100th anniversary of Kīlauea Lighthouse this May 1, 2013, and in doing so, I learned a whole host of cool, new facts. Read More
  • Makauwahi Cave Curiosities

    fisheye view of makauwahi caveDecember 2nd was the first Sunday of the month, and so I found myself along Kauai’s south shore at Makauwahi Cave Reserve doing some docent work. Docent: That’s simply a title that gives me permission to talk. A lot. I get asked many questions at Makauwahi Cave Reserve, because the place doesn’t fit most people’s image of tropical Hawaii. In turn, it generates curiosity and wonder and a multitude of questions. Read More
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